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PDF files present a challenge for many web harvesters because they add complexities to even the simplest of tasks. But Intuli’s technology has been adapted to tackle this challenge, while still delivering all the same benefits of Atlas.

Like Atlas, Codex is easy-to-learn and allows developers to automate manual information retrieval and management tasks. Codex can acquire, standardize and compare information from multiple PDF sources.

It is based on the same .Net technology as its counterpart instead of proprietary scripting engines or solutions. This gives developers the flexibility to quickly design custom applications. Some other benefits include:

  • Render text from PDF files
  • Extract PDF text based on many properties including location, font, color and background
  • Extract images and tables from PDF files
  • Automatically break out paragraphs spanning pages and columns based on title criteria

Codex was created to be generic and customizable, so no matter what your data challenge, it can be used to create efficient solutions.

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