Atlas by Intuli

Atlas is the core of Intuli’s technology. It is an easy-to-learn library that allows developers to automate manual information retrieval and management tasks. This tool can acquire, standardize and compare information from multiple sources including websites, RSS feeds, databases and more. One of the most compelling features of Atlas is that it is based on .NET instead of proprietary scripting engines or solutions. This gives developers the flexibility to quickly design custom applications. Some other benefits include:

  • Automatic synchronization of code to work with asynchronous browser downloads
  • Pop-up handling
  • Proxy support
  • Complete Web page saving/caching
  • Detailed logging of webpage interactions
  • Automatic extraction of main article text

Atlas was created to be generic and customizable, so no matter what your data challenge, it can be used to create efficient solutions. Some capabilities of Atlas include:

  • Interaction with HTML and DHTML objects
  • Automatic and manual triggering of element events
  • Execution of JavaScript and VBScript code
  • Form submission
  • Full access to HTML elements and properties
  • Automatic conversion of HTML tables to data tables
  • Captures snapshots of rendered pages

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