we get data

At Intuli, we believe information is one of the most valuable commodities. That’s why we excel at one thing – getting you the information you need. Our products are designed to support IT departments with enterprise level big data needs and to equip individual analysts with the ability to focus on key pieces of data. The word Intuli is Latin for “to bring to,” and we do exactly that. Whatever your data challenge is, we will listen and provide you with customized solutions.

Intuli was founded with the vision of becoming the premier data acquisition and transformation company. As we built the business, we worked with some of the largest information providers in the pharmaceutical industry to perfect our products. We understand data and have developed our extraction capabilities. We prepare our clients to take charge of their own data solutions, while still offering the customer support necessary to keep things running smoothly.

With our highly customizable products, Intuli has the ability to specifically target and retrieve information capable of meeting the needs of some of the largest information providers. We provide developers with the tools they need to get the data they want. What sets us apart is our products extend common programming languages instead of relying on proprietary languages, allowing developers access to a full range of .NET solutions in conjunction with Intuli’s core technology. This dramatically shortens the time it takes developers to master our products, delivering a much greater return on investment than our competitors.

We also recognize not every business has the capability to manage their own data harvesting needs. That’s why we offer a variety of professional services that can provide customized solutions for your data challenges. These solutions will equip business users without a background in developing to harness the power of Intuli’s products. We can automate processes, build profile extraction engines or simply do the work for you and deliver the results. No matter what your data challenge, Intuli can streamline your workflow and provide you with creative solutions.

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